Christmas animals

Have you ever seen an adorable animal that you wish you could have helped or adopted but were unable to do so?  Well, you can still do something to help animals this Christmas.  You could sponsor a homeless kitty or dog for Christmas.  There are so many of them that won’t be in a home decorated for the holidays, or involved in a family celebration.  They will spend Christmas in a cage, many in a closed shelter.  A nice new chew toy, or a great catnip mouse would sure help make their Christmas better.  It doesn’t have to cost much to bring a purr or a wag of the tail to these awesome animals this Christmas.

We have several animals that would appreciate such a gesture, but even if the animal isn’t one of ours, it would still be a wonderful act of kindness and a perfect way to add some joy to this holiday season.  So next time you are walking down the pet aisle at your local store, consider stopping and picking up a new toy or treat for a homeless animal.  It will make their day!

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