Diarrhea in Cats & Kittens

Many different things can cause an occasional bout of diarrhea in cats and kittens.  

1.  A change in food or water can cause temporary stomach upset.

2.  Stress plays a big role in stomach upset with cats.

3.  Intestinal parasites can also cause diarrhea in cats.

  • We have found that a little pumpkin mixed in with a cat’s food can do

                wonders for occasional diarrhea.  

          1.  Mix a teaspoon of pumpkin into a can of wet cat food.  A word of caution

                though, too much pumpkin can also cause diarrhea.  

          2.  If the diarrhea persists or becomes liquid, stop the pumpkin and contact

                your vet.

  • If your cat or kitten has liquid diarrhea and is not eating or drinking for more

                than one day, a visit to your veterinarian must be done.  

               – They can become dehydrated very quickly, and once they become

               dehydrated, many other complications can quickly occur.

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