Feline Immunodeficiency Virus,  FIV,  is an immune disorder that is mostly spread through deep bite wounds of fighting cats.  It is also believed that it is rarely passed from mothers to their babies.  

Many people overreact when they hear a positive result for FIV.  The test simply means that the cat’s immune system is producing the antibodies.  It does not mean that the cat is currently ill.  Most FIV positive cats lead normal, long lives.  The virus can make it more difficult for a cat’s immune system to fight off other viruses.  So the cat will need to monitored, and taken to a vet as soon as any signs of an illness present themselves.

A positive result for FIV should never be a reason for euthanizing the cat, unless there is a secondary illness that can’t be treated successfully .

We have linked some articles under our blogroll, below,  that can help you understand this virus, and why it bears watching but not euthanasia.

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